Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Arbitary anniversary moment

Although I didn't start this blog until August, as of today I have been blogging for one year. I used to hang out on a comics based message board called Z-Cult FM, and every so often I would go off on a rant or write some lengthy essay about Wonder Woman's boots or like that. When the Cult set up a blog system of its own I thought I could use it to collate and archive all this stuff I was writing because I was quite pleased with some of it and didn't want it just disappear, not to mention all the time and effort I'd put in to researching stuff.

Don't worry, you're not missing anything. I reposted anything worth reposting here.

Anyhow, I was pleased with the result, but found that even though plenty of people were reading it, I hardly ever got a response, where the same thing written in one of the forums might prompt several pages of discussion. I started looking around for a way to find a larger and more responsive audience, and it was then that I stumbled across this little corner of the blogosphere. I forget the exact details, but I think I followed Sleestak. He had been running a version of the wonderful Lady, That's My Skull at Z-Cult, but soon filled up his allowance for pictures there and so started the Blogger version. At least I'm assuming this was how it happened, I'm sure Slee can correct me if I'm mistaken.

It was then I discovered some of my favourite blogs, like The Absorbascon and Dave's Long Box, which I still read regularly, and decided to set out my own stall here. Hard to believe after all this time I still haven't finished reading Wonder Woman v1. I really must get back to that sometime.


Sleestak said...

Hey, Congrats on one year!

Yes, that's pretty much how it happened, with the image limit. Like you, I also wanted a wider outlet than an in-house forum. Since I have less free time now I went outside all the forums I used to participate in and distilled everything into one area.

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary!

Frankly, as much research as you put into each Wonder Woman entry, I'm surprised you've made it through so many.

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary, Mari!

Off topic: are you still at the same e-mail address? My last message to you bounced.

Marionette said...

My current email provider is being seriously crap right now. I haven't received any mail in nearly a week, which means when it does come back I'll be wading in spam. If I'm lucky.

I've heard good things about gmail so I might give that a try.

JP said...

Gmail is pretty neat. If it's still on an invite-only basis, I (or I'm sure many other ppl) would happy to provide one.

More to the point, I'd really like to see that essay about Wonder Woman's boots! I don't know if you've found that this blog gives you as responsive an audience as you'd wish, but often your posts are too definitive to leave much room for anything apart from a quick 'wowser, yes!'. That's not a bad thing.

Chance said...

Congrats! I love reading all your posts, especially the Wonder Woman ones.