Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Burning Pants of Jimmie Robinson

It's all so trivial it's hardly worth posting about, but it made me laugh, so I am.

Self-proclaimed rebel and political satirist Jimmie Robinson (how the hell can you be a serious rebel when you are called Jimmie? He really needs to get an image rebranding and come back as Clint or something), creator of that social satire of Swiftian proportions, Bomb Queen, responds to a question in the letter column in issue #4 about why he was so coy with BQ's nipples in the first issue, given the way she puts it about in subsequent comics.

The great rebel responds that there was no change of direction between issues and that "The word balloons in issue #1 just landed that way".

Jimmie Robinson is a lying liar who lies. He is a complete and utter Archer* and I can prove it.

In Bomb Queen #1 there is a scene where BQ is in the bath. During this sequence there are 5 panels where her intimate bits would be visible if there wasn't something in the way. These include envelopes (1), TV remote (3), cat (1), and speech bubble tail (1). When you have deliberately created a picture composition that achieves a specific result four out of five times, I find myself incapable of believing that when the same result occurs a fifth time it was due to oversight rather than intention. And who was it who was responsible for this darn oversight? There's no letterer credited, so hmm... Could that have been down to you, too, Jimmie?

I thought the sexualisation of the characters in Bomb Queen was one of the more successful and funniest aspects of the comic, where a lot of the political stuff was hit and miss, and not remotely as radical as Robinson thinks it is. The violence is grotesquely over the top, but really only distinguishable from Infinite Crisis because it's funnier. I don't know what he intended with this particular sequence, but given the subsequent issues' much more explicit depiction of male and female bits and the reactions of those around - The "I'm up here" moment in #2 was classic, particularly since it was a guy - I'm guessing that the obfuscation in #1, occuring while we were getting full frontal shots of other women, was intended as some kind of satire or joke that didn't come off.

It's always embarassing to explain a joke no one got and know that they are not going to laugh at it even once they know what it is, but telling an obvious lie to cover it just digs yourself in deeper.

*Jeffrey Archer, british MP and novelist sent to prison for perjury. He will always be fondly remembered by the british people as the MP that got caught.


MrTractor said...

Thanks so much on your comments for Alecto. I'm afraid that the preview wasn't a great representation of the whole book. Here's more (after the dream)...

Thanks again.

Marionette said...

I vaguely recall commenting on Alecto Songbook somewhere, but I can't remember where, now. I'm glad the grey-on-grey look is dropped after the first few pages.

Broken Frontier seem very keen on your books. While Alecto may be very entertaining and have a style that works for it, judging by the pages you have made public I would not consider it "of the quality you'd expect from Oni or Dark Horse". Sure, Oni and Dark Horse have both put out poor quality comics, but I expect better of them.

This kind of hyperbole does you no favours. Anyone taken in by it will just be disappointed when they find the comic doesn't live up to it. It doesn't have to be the snappiest dialogue with the most beautiful art to be worth reading. But telling everyone that's what it is will just annoy them when they find it isn't.