Saturday, February 10, 2007

Continuity Spaggetti

I realise that the absurd lateness of Wonder Woman means that all the questions of identity in the current storyline are old news in every other comic where she appears, but I'm curious where Atom fits in, since Dr Zeul (Giganta) appears to have a legitimate career in Ivytown, which must predate her being a known villain in Wonder Woman, which (initially) was published first. Either it's another multiverse thing (an all purpose excuse for continuity screwups right now, which is just as well given how many there are at the moment), or it's a symptom of Ivytown weirdness. Either way I'd like even a bad explanation somewhere.

And no, DC, the answer is not to have yet another fucking 'event' to explain it all away.

Since the writers appear to be incapable of this stuff, how about you hire someone to oversee each comic and check that if they are using characters that also appear in other titles that the various appearances fit together. This person could also be given the responsibility of ensuring that the comic was completed on schedule. You could even fire the current editor on most comics and give them the same office. I don't think anyone would notice the loss.


Anonymous said...

Are you calling for the return of...Jonni DC? Probably not.

Anonymous said...

I think the Zeul thing is being chalked up to Ivy Town weirdness. Maybe she has a really good lawyer?

Anonymous said...

Maybe they're following Dwayne McDuffie's beliefs in continuity, which is basically to ignore inter-title continuity because of the headaches it would cause.

Steven said...

I asked the same question on my blog and got a (well non-)answer from Gail Simone.

Which is just to say they are aware of the problem and might even have something of a solution.