Saturday, July 08, 2006

colour blind

I just read something on another blog that kinda bugged me so I feel the need to stand up and make my position clear.

True story: When I was at college I had a friend called Parm. He was the coolest guy I knew. We hung out all the time and solved the world's problems in the way you do when you are 19. He had a lot of asian friends. After about six months it occured to me that he might be asian too.

That's how much the colour of anyone's skin means to me.


Anonymous said...

I think many young people are now like that. When I mentioned many years ago to a high school classmate that I was Chinese, she looked as if some things fell into place and said, "Oh yeah, that makes sense." (No, she wasn't stupid; she was in a gifted program.) I didn't look like the typical Asian, so I wasn't sure whether my looks confused her or she just didn't notice that I was Chinese. (I look mixed or Mexican/Spanish to some people.) It was probably a bit of both.

As for me, coming from a society where people often can tell from which province one originated means I tend to notice or wonder about people's ethnic background. I guess it's ingrained in me. It's something people do in many if not most parts of the world.

AJ Harper said...

Interesting, you have a blog that recognizes the unfair treatment of women in comics but is critical of the issue of race, even when it stated by those who are inside the field, but in your case it easier to criticise an entire groups than agree that there are issues in the comic book industry that needs to be retooled, as for the statements that all readers are racist & sexist, that was not my statement but it is curious that the big two are working like hell to address it

The Asian Playboy said...

Well, it's around 2 years old that behaviorial scientists have documented that children start noticing race. The first thing people notice about a person is gender and race.

Just the way it is.