Saturday, July 01, 2006

Marvel boss states the bloody obvious

In his regular weekly interview at Newsarama, Marvel head honcho and poor speller big Joey Q pulled up Stan's old soapbox at the Marvel Summit - It's not actually a summit, it's just an excuse for a bunch of guys to get away for a weekend to talk about comics and claim it on expenses.

Newsarama, that bastion of investigative journalism in the comics scene unexpectedly pinned the great Q with this question:

NRAMA: Noticeably absent (and for some time) is a female creator in that group. Big picture wise, why hasn't a women creator made it into the tight circle of Marvel creators?

JQ: Because currently there aren’t any female writers working on any of our major titles.

Having satisfied the eager reporter with the information that the reason there were no female creators at Marvel was because Marvel didn't have any female creators working for them, big Joe went on to inform him that water was wet and fire was hot.

Where's Jeremy Paxman when you need him?

[EDIT] I notice there is a link at the end of the column that points to a forum where you can ask a question to be put to Joe Q. I recommend anyone who is interested in getting a real answer go here and state the question politely in their own words. I'd like to see enough of us do it to force him to address the question seriously.


Anonymous said...

"big Joe went on to inform him that water was wet and fire was hot."

Hahahaha, that cracked me up. Who was the lsat female creator at Marvel? It can't be Gail Simone, could it? That was three years ago..

Anonymous said...

I think they had Barbara Kessel working on a book at one point... for one issue.

Emperor Nerd said...

I think a female novelist is writing a White Tiger mini, but at the moment I think that's all at Marvel.

Anonymous said...

Christina Weir co-wrote New X-Men Academy X with her husband,
they got fired by the end of House of M.

S Bates said...

Note the big Q's answer:

JQ: Because currently there aren’t any female writers working on any of our *major* titles.

So who was the last female creator on a major Marvel title (somehow I don't think White Tiger counts)? And does creator mean writer?

Looking at Marvel's September solicitations, I don't see *any* female writers working for Marvel!

Ragnell said...

Tamora Pierce is going to write White Tiger (and I am going to buy...), and no, that doesn't count as a major title,.

Ann Nocenti wrote Daredevil in the 80s. That's about all for the majors, according to what we figured out over at

Louise Simonson and Gail Simone both used to write for Marvel, and both of them, when they moved to DC, got to write
Superman. Which to me is interesting as hell.