Friday, August 11, 2006

Pigs fly

Geoff Johns has confirmed that he will be working with Kimiyo Hoshi, Doctor Light 2.

Which just leaves the mystery of why she was ever depowered in the first place, since it seems to have had no relevence to anything in the last year, and caused a big continuity screwup to no apparent purpose.

For a character who was created in the original Crisis the timing seems very odd that she should be depowered just before (in real time) the big sequel. Did some editor want her removed beforehand so she couldn't take part, or was Judd Winick the lone gunman who didn't bother to check whether she was scheduled to appear in the biggest companywaide crossover for twenty years that was about to occur? How is it then that she appears at all? Why is it that she subsequently appears in more comics than she had done in the previous five years, to the confusion of all the readers who assumed that she must have been repowered in a comic they'd missed? And will we now get a resolution to the storyline that's been left hanging for a year, or will one of Plotdeviceboy Prime's continuity punches have erased the whole thing?

After all, it wouldn't make much difference to any characters other than Kimiyo. Bad Dr. Light would still be a scumbucket, Green Arrow seemed to have forgotten her before the story was over, and Kimiyo's appearance was so lacking in continuity in the first place that it didn't make much sense anyway. We'd all just be left with a sour taste of a story that was bad, but which we'd still like to have seen the end of.


Anonymous said...

Well, at best guess...maybe just maybe the whole of the event was NOT to "Depower" her but make it APPEARS as such, adding the whole "We detect no metagene" and all this does is just reveal she never had a metagene and the powers was always hers and she was just severly drained. Or something along those lines.

I;m just throwing out a theory that's all

Steven said...

I assume you haven't read Green Arrow #65 (you might actually like it, since it mainly concerns Speedy kicking butt), but it hints that answers to the what the heck happened just before Infinite Crisis (or just after, or whatever) are forthcoming in the next issue.

Bully said...


Freudian slip?

Anonymous said...

Some people on Comicbookresources made some points.

Jack Zodiac
He's been using Guy for the last two or three issues, I think. Hal's book has crossed over into the Corps book, so Guy and Kilowog (and a few other old and new Lanterns) have shown up in the past few issues. I doubt Guy will be sticking around permanently, or at least as strong in presence, on Hal's book, but he's still there for use. I think once the current arc in Green Lantern is over, they'll turn the focus back to Hal on Earth, and that'll probably lead up to Kimiyo appearing and, maybe, something involving the new Global Guardians.

Hal and Doctor Light were very close to getting it on in the last few issues of Justice League Internation right before Emerald Twilight hit, perhaps Johns intends to bring that subplot back.

Jack Zodiac
Yes! Re-establish Hal "I'd Hit That" Jordan! He's already back to his old punching frenzies, now we need to resurface this part of his character!

Very good points that all the more could be hints to what GJ will do with her...and these actually hint off to MORE than just her being with the GG because, remember, they DO have a history together.

Anonymous said...

to add to what was stated...let's not forget that Kimiyo succeeded Hal as Leader of the JLI (not by choice of course but still)...the more I think about it...the more it might seem that her role in whatever geoff is planning might be MORE than just being a member of the GG

Shawn Levasseur said...

"Which just leaves the mystery of why she was ever depowered in the first place, since it seems to have had no relevence to anything in the last year, and caused a big continuity screwup to no apparent purpose."

I think the real problem is your assumption that her depowering was supposed to be a permenant thing. Earlier in Teen Titans Dr. Light I did the exact same thing to Superboy and Wonder Girl's Lasso.

Both Superboy and the lasso recovered, logically, Dr. Light II would do the same. No continuity problem as far as I can see.