Sunday, July 28, 2013

Light show

I'd been under the impression that Doctor light had been dropped from current DC continuity, along with a number of characters who have more than two fans, but while that's likely true (and given current editorial attitudes I tend to think she's well out of it) it doesn't stop her turning up in Derek Fridolfs and Dustin Nguyen's excellent Lil' Gotham, which against explicit editorial mandate even managed to sneak a blonde Batgirl into one issue.

Thanks guys. It's nice to know Kimiyo still gets a little love.


Martin Gray said...

I love Dr Light II - did you see that theory that the new Arthur Light's missus, Kim, is Kimiyo?

Marionette said...

Oh that's just sick.

Arthur may not be a rapist in the new 52, but making his wife in the new continuity the person who was his victim in the previous continuity would be a fantastically misogynist thing to do.

Martin Gray said...

Indeed, 'creepy' doesn't begun to describe it. So far as I'm concerned, continuity revamp notwithstanding, Dr Light I is radioactive. If they must bring him back - and he was a favourite of mine prior to the vile Identity Crisis - DC really shouldn't have reminded us of how he was ruined. Maybe they're setting wife KIm up to be a second Dr Light, but if they want her in the role, they should simply have brought her in, with no reference to the original Dr Light.

Gene Phillips said...

I've always wondered who at DC was stumping for a heroic Doctor Light. I don't dislike the character or costume, but in a big-time revisionary work like Crisis, I would think that pretty much every new character launched is intended to get some exposure, to the betterment of the career of the character's creator. And Kimiyo debuts and then-- just goes on to join the Justice League.