Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Fashion Disaster Week: Bad Hat Day

This is one of those topics that when you get started it's hard to know where to stop, so I'm just going to give two examples now and maybe return to it later.

Everyone hates Zatanna's centipede hat. It's the crowning glory of a terrible costume design that entirely fails to fit her character or powers in any way. And yet in other circumstances it might work. For instance, if worn by the captain of an evil puppet spaceship, with the centipede so far forward that it got in their eye.

Come on down Captain Orion of Star Fleet, and show the magician how it's done!

And then there's the original costume worn by The Wasp when she first appeared. If you ever wondered what trauma caused Janet Van Dyne to become obsessive to the point of wearing a new costume in almost every issue of The Avengers, it can now be told. It was the hat. The one shaped like a wasp's sting. Of course, a wasp's sting isn't on the top of its head.

One day it occured to her that she had been fighting crime for several years wearing something that looked like an insect's rear end on her head. She's never quite recovered.


Sleestak said...

"It was the hat. The one shaped like a wasp's sting. Of course, a wasp's sting isn't on the top of its head."

It's camoflage! Many insects have faux eyes, stingers, etc to confuse predators who will be wary of the business end of their prey.

Makes sense really. More proof of Kirby genius. Now, does she also have a foul taste when eaten?

Anonymous said...

According to Marvel Zombies?


Axel M. Gruner said...

I actually think the Wasps conehat was inteded to emulate an actual wasp-head. (Strange wording, I know.) The top should be the snout of a wasp and the ear-thingies are faux insecteyes. (She had antennae, and a wasp-butt doesn't.) Works probably when she is wasp-size. Then you'll only see something buzzing with a pointed head with antennae and big blank things on the side of the head. Insect eyes. Yes, that was probably the reason.