Thursday, June 22, 2006

A brief review of Shadowpact #2

or, When Decompressed Storytelling goes Wrong

****Spoiler Warning****

***This review spoils the entire plot of Shadowpact #2 so do not read further if you want to waste $3 avoid finding out what happens****

The heroes fight the villains and the villains win.

You may now move straight on to issue #3, wherein the heroes escape their bonds and stage a comeback.


Anonymous said...

You forgot that it was probably the girls' fault they lost. Isn't that always the case with Willingham??

Marionette said...

Not true. For some reason they all split up so that they could individually encounter and fight the member of the opposing team with the most similar powers.

It sounds like I'm trashing this story. In fact I liked the characterisation. What I didn't like is the way that it's taking four (you know it's going to be at least four to fit nicely into the trade paperback) issues to tell a story that was regularly fitted into a single issue of Fantastic Four in the 60's and still had room for Johnny to play a practical joke on Ben.

Anonymous said...

"For some reason" - note that one of the bad guys actually used her powers to make this happen so they'd be easier to pick off. And the whole "most similar powers" thing gets a mention too - I think something's being set up here.