Thursday, June 15, 2006

I just noticed something

While looking for a picture to illustrate the previous article I was looking through Robin #126 and noticed this.

Specifically, this:

So access to your secret plans in the Bat-computer where you keep all your paranoid little schemes for taking down every major superhero on the planet as well as for starting citywide gang wars don't qualify as big secrets?

You are such a jerk, Batman.


Marionette said...

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If you are going to try and peddle your tawdry merchandise by disguising it as a comment you might make the effort to say something about the article you are responding to, rather than just opening with a vague "your blog is great come look at mine which isn't just a thinly veiled attempt to sell watches, honest".

Sleestak said...

I keep saying Alfred is behind all the shennanigans in the DCU. Some day this wikk be known. How else would Steph and every villain on earth get access to the Bat-Secrets?

Multiple times?

Anonymous said...

What's with those plasticene breasts?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on the grand scheme of things (Batman is a jerk) but I disagree on the details.

It was a plan to unite all the gangs, not to start a citywide gang war. It backfired on Steph because she stole it, and indeed, she didn't know any of the big secrets.

Catwoman #34

Steph to Selina: On his computer, in the cave, Batman has a bunch of plans… like contingency plans of something. And I stole one of them. It was a plan to unite all the criminal families and gangs untel Batman's control.

But something went wrong. I followed the plan to the letter… but the main guy who was Batman's undercover man, who was supposed to make it all happen… He didn't show up. And then the whole thing just fell to pieces. I mean, they just opened fire on each other.

Selina: Oh, my God… Bruce, what have you done? Didn't you tell this poor kid anything? How the hell could you have a Robin who doesn't know that Matches Malone is really Batman?

He should definitely create a kiddie user account for newbie Robins with restricted access on the computer. :-D

Marionette said...

And how could that meeting have been set up without Batman knowing? Presumably it would involve sending messages to the relevent parties to get them there. What happens when Steph finds that there is no way of contacting the "main guy who was supposed to make it all happen"? Would Steph assume that he would somehow magically appear?

The whole thing is so blatantly contrived it just annoys me.

Anonymous said...

> Would Steph assume that he would somehow magically appear?

According to the writer Steph is on crack. She doesn't know who Malone is, and how to contact him, but to the hell with those tiny details. :-)

The plot is full of logical holes anyway. Steph states that it was her fault, Malone didn't show up, something went wrong… the whole thing just fell to pieces, but Batman directly contradicts her later on in Gothan Knights #57: Everything that's happened I planned for. Every murder and double cross. I should have realized it earlier but I didn't. So, OK, let's admit Batman planned a real gang war, including murders and all. But he didn't recognize his own plan before the fourth issue of the second act?!

Marionette said...

Hah. I never got that far so I never saw that. So it actually *did* go according to Batman's plan? that's really screwed up.