Monday, June 19, 2006

Read my lips

What with one thing and another traffic has been unusually high around here recently. Largely due to the Doctor Light essay getting widely linked across the net, we got over 1200 hits on Saturday, alone. It's great to see so many discussing something I've written about on several different message boards, but I'm a little stunned about how some of the facts get lost along the way. In some cases despite my repeating them when I see someone has failed to spot them. Several times in the same discussion thread. Until I reach the point where I'm thinking I can't say this again without looking obsessive but they are still not getting it.

The main problem was all the appearances of Kimiyo in comics after she was depowered. I mean, okay I was confused until I looked it all up, but I thought I had explained it sufficiently in the article that every comic she appeared in subsequently was either a flashback or due to the way officially it took place on May 15th even though it was published in a comic with a cover date of November the previous year. And yet I'm still finding responses from people who can't understand the fuss because obviously she's fine in this month's Action Comics. Not only are they not paying close attention to the article they are discussing, they failed to spot the scene in the comic they just read is a flashback.

It's like the woman who can't see the point of and doesn't have time to read any of the articles, so she's made up her mind about it entirely based on her own assumptions of what she thinks it is. The G-W guys were trying really hard to find a way to give her the coherent simple statements of purpose that she was demanding while she responded by slagging off Stephanie. She seemed strangely proud that she hadn't really read any of the relevent comics and that this was a perfectly reasonable basis for trashing her to those who had taken Steph as their icon. Me, I would have soon reached the point where I decided I did not need this woman on my side.

How about this for a plan? If people are discussing something you aren't interested in, don't take part in it. Just step away from the thread and go chat about something you are interested in. If you haven't made any effort to follow the subject, expressing opinions based on what you think it's probably about are just going to make you look like an idiot, and confuse the other people who haven't bothered to read up but who are genuinely interested. And trashing stuff other people like when you don't know what you are talking about just makes you look like a jerk.


Anonymous said...

Believe me I know EXACTLY what you mean. YOu are making the exact same point I try to make to everyone and they STILL don't listen. And your right about those saying "OBviously she's back" but one problem is, a lot of those people think "the GA stuff HAD to be in IC because of the Multiple Ollies" when that was CLEARLY a gimmick. But I degress

And the other thing is, they say "She's fiction, get over yourself." Or "It's a comic, she can come back." But look you commented on in that entry (in the comments) Judd covered almost ALL the bases (and added her "Lack of instinct" to make it appear she can NEVER be a hero anyway because she can't know what's the best thing to do) to make sure she was gone WITHOUT just killing her (which could allow her to get her powers back when you think about it)

I hope and prey he does NOT use her in his upcoming flashback arc because just KNOW he'll "Finish her off"

Anonymous said...

Also, I think most of the people don't ever read the article period and react to the thread/subject line I gave the threats when I posted them all over the net. They see it and are like "What are they talkign about (either that or they're like "Oh no Stareds at it again" so it could be partially my fault)

Anonymous said...

I think you give good advice about not commenting on things you aren't interested in or know about. However, you probably would cut internet traffic in half if every one followed that advice, which wouldn't be a bad thing.

Yail Bloor

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this is the internet: everyone has an opinion. I really liked it, I always wished Dr. Light would've stayed with the Justice League. She just sort of drifted off after issue #2 and reappeared in cameos and finally in the mediocore new JLE in a fugly costume. I wanted more of her by Giffen/DeMatteis!