Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Your assignment for today

I just had the most cynical and thoroughly repulsive idea.

I think that one of the reasons why writers are still doing stories where women are sexually abused, either to motivate them, or worse, to motivate the men in their life, is because they don't get that everyone else is writing that story too. To the extent where, far from being the most horrific and dramatic thing in a character's life, it becomes a cliche on par with "the butler did it".

So in order to do my little bit to enlighten and maybe, just maybe slow it down the nasty, I'm going to do a monthly roundup to show what the current state is. I'll to need some help on this one, since I don't read a lot of current comics, and no Marvels at all. So if you see an instance of sexual abuse in a current comic (one published this month), stick a comment here and I'll do a list at the end of the month.


Ralph Dibny said...

Squadron Supreme #4. One of the regular characters reveals background rape. Made worse by the fact that she already had her superpowers but her Dad told her they were wrong so she allowed herself to be raped even though she could bend steel and the like.

JMS writes, Gary Frank draws.

Marionette said...

I knew that one was recent. Wasn't sure it was this month, though. Thanks.

Emperor Nerd said...

Walking Dead #28, one of the survivors is stripped from the waist down, chained and is about to be raped by the sadistic leader of a community. It's not superheroics, and the actual attack hasn't happened yet, but it may be worth noting.

100LittleDolls said...

Really great idea--I'll definately keep an eye out for any.

Marionette said...

Yeah, I think it needs to be done as an ongoing reminder to those who think we are more enlightened now or just don't realise the scale of the problem, but I wish someone else had thought of it.