Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Go go Gail!

The story so far: Kimiyo Hoshi, the good Doctor Light was last seen depowered and left for dead in Green Arrow over a year ago. Her subsequent appearances in Infinite Crisis, 52, and other comics required the shiny new post-IC continuity be twisted into a pretzel in order to place this event during week 2 of 52, even though the story concludes several issues later with an event that clearly occurs during Infinite Crisis, and fans are so confused that most lose the plot and assume that she must have got better and regained her powers off-camera.

One Year Later Kimiyo is considered for membership of the Justice League. The dialogue about her is open to wide interpretation, but it appears that she has recovered both her health and her powers.

Now: Birds of Prey issue #100, page one. Kimiyo is alive and well and back to being the bitchy scientist we know and love. She receives an invitation to join the Birds of Prey.


Now, if you can only tell us the story of how she got her powers back and kicked the ass of evil rapist Doctor Light into the next galaxy, I'll never be snarky about the Atom again.


Anonymous said...

I was really surprised by BoP 100, in JLA it takes forever to select the members, in BoP the process is virtually instantaneous. Great! But who declined the invite? Wonder Woman, Power Girl, Phantom Lady. Everybody else is in? And what's the big deal with Power Girl, she doesn't like roses? :-D I'm glad Kate Spencer has accepted membership, it could be fun considering that amongst her weaponry are such diverse elements as fear, surprise and ruthless efficiency. Are Birds of Prey supposed to kill villains? :-D

Derek said...

I'll second the Power Girl thing.

What's with the hostility? Did something happen to make Power Girl hate the Oracle?

Anonymous said...

It was told during Chuck Dixon's run. Basically, Power Girl was Oracle's operative before Black Canary, but one mission went very, very wrong. PG blames it on Oracle, and has hated her ever since.

Anonymous said...

What JD said. Karen blames Oracle for putting her into an unwinable situation and making a fool of her.

And yes, I will second that "YAY GAIL!" and add a hearty "EAT THIS, WINICK!"