Thursday, November 23, 2006

Minor hiccup

Dear customer,
This message informs you of recent email cleaning activity that has impacted your mailbox. In order to effectively manage and maintain our system storage, it is essential blueyonder carry out regular cleaning activity. As your blueyonder mailbox was not accessed for 90 days, our automatic cleanup programme has emptied the contents of your mailbox. In order to prevent this from occurring again, your maximum mailbox capacity had been reduced to 2mb.
If you wish to have this reset to 30mb contact the blueyonder mail team.
Please ensure that you check your blueyonder email on a regular basis.


The team at blueyonder

Dear Blueyonder team,

I agree that this mailbox has not seen a great deal of use lately, but I would contest that it has not been used at all, since I went through it only yesterday and deleted a number of unwanted mails myself in preparation for using it as a contact address for my blog. I recommend you check your automatic programme if it is unable to spot my downloading over 100 emails as it would seem to have a fault.

Please restore my mailbox to 30mb. If it is possible I would also like to have any mail I received since I accessed the account yesterday to be undeleted. I suppose you wouldn't see any point in informing a customer before you trash their mailbox for lack of usage, and I admit that even if you had sent me such a warning I would not have expected it to apply to me since I had in fact accessed the mailbox, but maybe, I don't know, you could always send the message to the more active mailboxes on the account, so the customer would have some chance of knowing about it in advance.

A dissatisfied customer

Anyone who emailed me about the Carnival in the last 24 hours, please give it another try.

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