Tuesday, October 03, 2006

One of several things

Anyone who's followed my ramblings for any length of time will know I have a fondness for obscure DC heroines who didn't get the chance to fulfil their potential.

Today was a good day, and one of several things that made me happy was to see the latest issue of Action Comics cameo The Crimson Avenger. She appeared to have been caught by the Spectre during Day of Vengeance, and although we never saw her actually killed, being an obscure heroine is often enough to qualify you as cannonfodder to big up the villain for the big crossover.

I don't have any hopes of seeing the mini-series that so needs to be written, but I am content to know that she is still out there.


Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for a good news. I will check out the issue.
I sure wish she were in the soon-relaunched JSA, if not in her own mini... she's an interesting character


Anonymous said...

Hopefully, this cameo is in preparation for a JSA appearance.

Anonymous said...

When being interviewed concerning his "Who is Power Girl" arc in JSA Classified with artist Amanda Conner, writer Geoff Johns (who created the character in JSA along with co-writer David Goyer and penciller Leonard Kirk) mentioned that he planned to return to JSA Classified for arcs featuring other characters. Crimson Avenger the short list of those he wanted to write an arc about, along with Stargirl & S.T.R.I.P.E. and some others. Hopefully once 52 is over and he has some more time, he'll get around to it!