Tuesday, October 03, 2006

House of ummmm...

Does it make me a bad comic fan that I always get these two guys confused?

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Richard said...


Well, no. Maybe.

The first appearance of the first guy -- the only one I will admit even exists -- is one of the most absolutely perfect superhero comic book stories you'll ever find. Even making an allowance for the crass sexism tacked on in the last panel (but nowhere else in the story) this was true greatness. I wish the character had never been brought back simply because, as with Galactus, there's no way the character could ever again have the singular impact of his introduction.

(The similarity with Galactus is really obvious when you consider that both were given a major buildup in their first appearance by other characters talking about how formidable they were before they turn up at the issues' climax...and then they live up to the hype, which is no small writerly accomplishment.)

The second guy was a stock character trotted out in his first appearance to provide an easy antagonist; though he may have been given additional depth in later stories -- I don't know -- he's still at root a flat "bad guy" character. Anything done with him later was an improvement.