Thursday, October 05, 2006

Rape of the month: October

I didn't get around to doing a Rape of the month last month because, to be honest, I couldn't face looking at another issue of Walking Dead to see whether the serial rape of the previous two issues was going to continue into a third. Maybe someone can tell me how that worked out, but please without any detail. I just want to know whether I can consider September rape-free or not.

I had been looking forward to having a little graphic that went like "Months with no rapes in comics:" and then a number to show how well things were going. One week into October and already I find I won't be needing it this month after the publication of How To Make Money Like A Porn Star! written by Neil Strauss, with art by Bernard Chang. Kphoebe reviewed it, for which I am sincerely appreciative as it's saved me having to touch the ghastly thing with a ten foot pole.

On the other hand, maybe I should keep a stack of the things. Then I could send a copy out to any writer who thought they were being daring and edgy to have one of their characters sexually abused.

Maybe not. It's bad enough them doing it to show how socially aware they are. The last thing we need is more people writing rape for the comedy value.


Anonymous said...

Either you've got the wrong month at the head of your post or I've fallen into a time warp.

Bill Burns

Marionette said...

Corrected. My Calendar was running slow again.

Anonymous said...

I don't THINK there was a rape in the latest WALKING DEAD. The woman who was being raped instead got put in the arena, where she promptly flipped out and killed everyone else there. Not sure what happened afterwards.

Kevin said...

She didn't flip out; she deliberately killed her abusers. I think that's an important distinction. I also think that Kirkman did a pretty good job of conveying the generally horribleness of Michone and Rick's captors and of spreading the horror around pretty fairly. Anyway, it's done now.