Saturday, October 07, 2006

Scott Kurtz brings new meaning to the phrase "gag strip"

I'm not sure what I find more disturbing, someone who considers it funny to do a comic strip about people vomiting on a dead dog (which was beaten to death in the previous strip) or the audience that laugh like drains at such antics.


Snard said...

(Disclaimer: I don't read his strip, and don't know the URL, and no, please don't anyone feel obliged to share it with me.)


You must not have gotten the memo; disgusting and offending people is the new humor/entertainment medium. How else can this sort of thing be explained (along with raping superheroines in the funny books... and I'm sure you can think of other examples).

Welcome to the 21st century.

(Oh, I don't find it entertaining; that's why I spend my time collecting and posting golden and silver age stuff.)

Snard said...

PS - my Brit English dictionary needs updating - I don't understand your "laugh like drains" comment. We Merkins think of "drains" as those funny holes at the bottom of the kitchen sink where the water goes. Is there another meaning?

Anonymous said...

I live in DFW and Kurtz is pretty well known for being a dick in the local comics community. A cursory glance at his web blogs can confirm that.

I'd say more but with all the experience I've had with the man, I'm sick to death of telling my personal story about the guy. Short version is I wrote a negative review of his work and he felt the need to track down which comic shop I worked at so he could tell me off in person.