Friday, August 19, 2005

Big Sister is watching YOU!

Queen Hippolyte uses the somewhat innacurately named Magic Sphere (it's a disc) to spy on anyone in the world she feels like. Wonder Woman has a kind of thought based telephone which can also be used as an invisible surveilence device (depending who is writing at the time), and is often able to receive calls from people even when they don't have one of their own to make the call from. Wonder Woman's main tool is her magic lasso which compels anyone in its grasp to do whatever the holder tells them to, and can even give them post-hypnotic suggestions. In the Golden Age villains (female ones, anyway) are locked up on Transformation Island until they are rehabilitated ie. until they see things the Amazon way and embrace their philosophy.

What with one thing and another, the Amazons had surveilence and mind control down to an art form before George Orwell had even finished writing 1984.

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