Tuesday, August 02, 2005

What If's we'll never see

There's this bit right at the beginning of the first Thor story where Don Blake is walking along and faced with a fork in the road, he chooses one and thereby heads toward his destiny. But what if he had taken the other road and never found that old stick?

Well for one thing it would have made for a dull story until the Stone Men from Saturn arrived and took over the world. Except, aha! What if someone else had happened along that day? Say they were taking their dog for a walk. They throw a ball for the dog and it goes a little too far, and the dog chases it into a cave. But what's this he finds? Much more interesting than a ball is this old stick. He runs happily back to his master to show him his new toy. But then the sky darkens as flying saucers obscure the sun! The dog stumbles and knocks the stick against a tree. A flash of lightning! Spot is transformed into Thordog!

Odin has a migraine.

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