Thursday, September 01, 2005

Mouse of History

Back in the golden age there were many different kinds of comics as new titles appeared to follow every popular fad of the day, and Moon Girl wasn't the only one to cross the genre boundaries in hopes of finding an audience. But while Marvel singlemindedly co-opted every other genre and made superheroes out of them (cowboy superheroes, funny animal superheroes, horror superheroes, kung fu superheroes...), other companies produced more inventive hybrids such as Cowgirl Romances and Weird War Tales.

Today there is little of this creativeness beyond such niche wonders as Supernatural Law, but something that appeals to a variety of audiences could really revitalise the comics industry. In fact I have the perfect cross genre title all ready to go. It's a sure winner. I can see it now: Resident Evil - Codename Betty and Veronica.


Julio Oliveira said...

Wow, you made me think about that Punisher and Archie crossover all that years ago... Talk about strange bedfellows.

Anonymous said...

for what its worth: Marvel did do a western romance comic (as did DC and EC too!).
Of course, this is because the largest circulation and longest running (to the mid 1960s) pulp magazine was RANCH ROMANCE -- so to folks in the 30s-50s, western love comics wasnt that unusual a genre.....

steven rowe