Friday, September 16, 2005

Who's that Girl? Index

This series has been going so long it's getting a little unweildy to track down the whole thing, so here's a convenient index which will be updated as I continue. Well, that's the plan, anyhow.

This is not a synopsis of stories - there are several perfectly good ones already available - it is a personal commentary on the ideas and themes presented in the series, considerations of the context of the time it was written and drawn, and even the odd factual background note.

Part 1: The "New" Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman v. 1 #178 - 204

Part 1a: Wonder Woman's pal Gloria Steinem
A slight digression

Part 1a revisited: Mystery solved
Digressing further

Part 2: What Diana did next
Wonder Woman v.1 #204 - 211

Part 3: The Newest Wonder Woman of all (so far)
Wonder Woman v.1 #212 - 223

Part 4: All the Twos
Wonder Woman v.1 #224 - 243

Part 4a: Not exactly her Finest hour
World's Finest #244 - 250

Part 5: Strange Changes
Wonder Woman #243 - 251
World's Finest #251 - 252
Adventure Comics #459 - 461

Part 5½: Don't get me Astarted
Wonder Woman #252 - 253

Part 6: Plus ca change
Wonder Woman v1 #254 - 268

Part 7: Deja vu me one more time
Wonder Woman v1 #269 - 286

Part 8: Hitting Bottom
Wonder Woman v1 #287 - 299
DC Presents #41
Coming soon...

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