Friday, August 26, 2005

Power Girl's Problem

"Superman's pal. Clark says he's the nicest guy you'll ever meet."

"But he's still a guy."

"Which means his eyes won't be looking at mine for long."

"They all take a quick glance down. Some of the women too. I caught Crimson Fox once or twice."

Yes, Karen. They all want to know why you have no nipples, which would be at least partially visible in that outfit.


Ashtur said...

Just once, I'd like to see someone say something like this to her when she goes on one of those rants...

"Um, maybe if you didn't wear a costume that was designed to advertise...."

You don't have permission to whine about people looking when you design a costume with that big ol hole in it

Pat said...

Haha, yeah, who's she kidding? I'd bet all of the women she meets are checking out that pair and wondering what the doctor charged her.

The proportions on women in the comics have gone from Barbie to Pamela Anderson to beyond ridiculous.

Scipio said...

Ya know, I never thought about that.

Where ARE her nipples?

Anonymous said...

It's not just comics these days--Power Girl was always meant to have enormous gazongas even for a superheroine. She was co-created by Wally Wood, who also drew porn. Rumor has it that Wood drew Power Girl's fun bombs larger every issue. It's better than the creepily anorexic Supergirl Michael Turner draws, anyway.

Also, obviously Kryptonians have raised their babies through SCIENCE instead of breastfeeding for millennia, so they don't have Kryptonipples.

Chris Arndt said...

See, I hate this version of the costume, I do.

1) the original costume had a hole in front for exposing cleavage.

2) the character has always had large breasts

3) the hole was a small circle to expose CLEAVAGE.... it wasn't meant to expose so much of her breasts as possible to the degree that we notice that she has no nipples!

4) I have never asked where are the character's nipples but I have often thought that this interpretation of her costume misses the point of the design. entirely.