Monday, September 26, 2005

Double Feature

It's true! Not that you'd know it from the amount of feedback I get, but like a successful comic character I'm getting a feature spot in a whole other blog!

From now on I can also be found at Comics Should Be Good where I will be subverting the establishment from the inside with tales of obscure comic characters, and other such revolutionary activities.

This shouldn't make a whole lot of difference to what goes on here. The plan (such as it is) for CSBG is to focus on more stand alone articles, while the long rambling series and obscure Wonder Woman related trivia continue here. How it will work out in practice is anybody's guess.

Edit: It's my first entry over there, and already I've got a crossover going. What next? House of Infinite Crisis of Super Secret Blog Wars?


Greg said...

I may not comment, but I read your blog pretty regularly. Welcome to the blog over there. Now I will have to be cleverer. Can I handle the pressure?!?!?!?

Sleestak said...

Whooo! You are getting lots of linkage.

Anonymous said...

Anybody throwing money at you yet? :-)