Saturday, September 10, 2005

Linda Lee again

Look, Linda, I can see how you wouldn't want to let on that Superman is your cousin and all, but isn't describing him as "little" taking it a bit far? Or did he just get accidentily get hit with red kryptonite and turned into Superbaby again?

Either way, it's hardly the time to invite the boyfriend over to suck face.


Anonymous said...

Was she technically older than her cousin? I forget if she was born before her city was launched apart from the rest of Krypton.

Marionette said...

The new version had to come up with some complicated twaddle about her being in suspended animation for years in order to explain how she could be aged 14 when Superman was an adult. The original just had a more straightforward explanation that she was born later.

According to Supergirl's origin in Action #252 her father wasn't even married when Krypton went splat. Argo city was floating around in space for several (it's not specified how many) years before Kara was born.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing that up.

Supergirl/Powergirl pre-post-chrisis...I can keep their personalities straight, but the 'origins' all run together in my mind.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, how many crisis' and retcons later, and still Supergirl's origin is a total train wreck!
Does any character have a more eff'd up origin?